Why math is essential for kids

Mathematics is one of the subjects children learn early in school. Not many of them turn out to like it at first, as only some come into a proper understanding of it in their teenage years. With the proper parental support and the right teaching methods, children can succeed in maths and even get opportunities in it. Here are the reasons why it is essential children know the math:

Teaches critical thinking and life skills

Math is a field of knowledge that enhances logical and orderly thinking. A mathematical equation will most likely have a predictable outcome and exact steps must be followed to achieve that outcome. This discipline will show up in every other aspect of your children’s lives. A lot of companies hire math majors because they assume that they know how to think critically and logically. Arriving at solutions to a complex problem, describing the procedure behind a formula, etc. is no child’s play. Also, math teaches life skills. It is impossible to live a good life without basic math knowledge. The knowledge children gain about money in the early stages of their education enables them to know how they can multiply their money, plan and follow through with their budget, plan their finances well, live an independent life, etc. Asides from pecuniary stuff, children also learn how to take the little steps to achieve their overall big goals, take calculative risks, know how best to approach a matter and the resources needed, etc.


Supports continuing education and help children know the importance of time

To advance one’s education or in a line of career, it is advised that one has basic math knowledge. Even entry-level jobs in non-related math disciplines need math skills to thrive in their jobs. For instance, a customer service representative needs to be able to cite any discrepancy in customer’s bills. People who are skilled in math have better funding opportunities, research funding, career advancements, etc. If your child wishes to excel academically or advance in their careers. They need to take their skills seriously. Also, maths help children to know how to take their time seriously. Money can multiply, but time can’t. Being aware of this reality makes more students more serious with the way they spend their time and the things they spend them on. This way, they are likely to get it right from a very young age. There are many platforms you can enrol your kids to complement their other math learning activities. You can read about Thinkster Math and other platforms that teach kids about math on Collected Reviews to know which will be the best for your child.

Helps your children to be wiser and quickens their minds

Mathematics is present in new technologies as in every aspect of our lives. Many of the happenings in our life conform to the laws of the exact sciences. Mathematics helps children to reach objective and logical convictions so that they can quickly get the solutions to their problems. It also quickens their minds and helps them to think deeply in complex situations. People tend to overthink or underestimate what happens to them but forget to see the problem for what it is and open their minds. Mathematics will quicken your children to investigate whatever situation they are in and arrive at a good conclusion.

Helps children know how things work

The elusive knowledge is no knowledge at all. A tradition, system, process, etc. that has no clear and coherent way of working often perishes, because there is no one to keep operating it since they do not know-how. Mathematics helps your children to understand how things work. Also, it helps them to order their thoughts correctly and coherently organize their ideas. This positive habit endears them to many people.

Despite all the benefits of mathematics, many kids still find it hard to love math. As a parent, here is how you can encourage your child to love math:

Encourage number sense, not memorization

Memorization may show that your kids know it, but what it means is that they do not understand the logic behind it. Besides, it is so stiff, as it appears as the only way to solve a problem. However, number sense helps your trick to understand the logic behind equations. Instead of telling them to use tricks when doing their calculations, tell them to round the figures to the nearest tens, which makes it much easier. Play games that encourage using number sense with your kids. Explore several figures so that it sticks in their heads and they better understand your reasoning. Also, do this regularly till it becomes a part and parcel of you.

Aim for logic, not perfection

Most parents focus on the wrong answers when helping their child to learn. Of course, it makes sense as you want the child to improve but the child does not learn the logic behind it. you must get them to understand the logic behind the calculations even if they have to practice again and again. Your kids getting everything in their worksheets right signifies that you should find them more complicated tasks to do so that they can learn. Do not make the mistake of pushing them to be perfect. Instead, encourage them to get better every day.

Don’t rush your kids

We all have heard of math geniuses who can solve complex math questions in split seconds. As commendable as that is, understand that your children might not have the same ingenuity as math geniuses. Do not encourage your children to embrace speed at the expense of thorough understanding and enjoying what they are learning. Mastering the logic behind everything is more important than speeding through lots of problems. If you have to work against time, help your child learn as much as possible as he can within the short timeframe. Allow them to play with math and logic.

Don’t tell them you failed in math

You do not have to lie to your kids but help them not to see you as a failure. Doing so makes your child think that they are innately poor at maths since you did poorly too. There is no such thing as a math person. People who excel in math are those who put the effort into it, just like with any other thing.